At the end of 2012, Nauta has moved most of its production facilities on land previously belonging to Gdynia Shipyard. Previously occupied Washington Street area of ​​6.2 ha were used to Gdynia Waterfront development project.

Long-term spatial policy of the City of Gdynia assumes intensive development and modernization of port and industrial areas. In the plans of the City, the part of the quarter stretching from the Basen Prezydenta [Presidential Basin], where the Sea Towers are situated, through the areas of Dalmor Company, to the areas of the Shiprepair Yard Nauta S.A., is to completely change its current character and transform into a modern and prestigious urban fabric. These are the areas of the most attractive location in the Gdynia Śródmieście central district, which, in the nearest future, are to be used as a residential, service and office centre with a recreational and pedestrian part for inhabitants and tourists.

The assumptions of the concepts of development of areas of the Shiprepair Yard Nauta S.A. continue the assumptions of development of the Gdynia Waterfront and the Maritime Urban Prestige Zone. These areas, because of its location, is one of the most attractive and prospective areas of investment in Gdynia. It's kind of a combination of upscale and modern part of the city located directly on the waterfront, guaranteeing an unforgettable aesthetic and scenic.
This area is an ideal place for investment in both residential as well as office and service and for commercial premises, in addition to the residential function. Changing the character of this part of Gdynia, aiming to increase its attractiveness, at the same time imposes the need to adapt and expand adequate road infrastructure and transport links. This will be achieved by rebuilding the public streets of Waszyngtona and Nowej Węglowej.
Grounds of the area of 6.2 ha in the very center od Gdynia formerly dedicated to industry are now put on sale with possible investments in housing, services-provision and tourist purposes.
Giving a chance to the further city development, Gdynia with the full approval of the MS TFI SA, a major shareholder Ship-repair Yard NAUTA SA and Management Board of Ship-repair Yard NAUTA SA, has made a strategic decision of changing the local land use plan of the grounds for this part of city center - area located along Washington Street. Just as other European shipbuilding cities like Hamburg, Gdynia intends to change the post-industrial grounds of Ship-repair Yard NAUTA SA in a new prestige district.
The roots of the city are situated on the grounds comprising the offers property. Before the port was build, there was a fishing village here that became the basis for the development of the modern city.

Location: Gdynia Downtown
Address: Washington 1
Plot No.: 
2960, 3069, 2958, 2545, 2546, 2543, 2542, 2950, 2951, 2956, 2541, 2544, 2547
Area: 61,935 m²