About Real Estate

  1. Subject - specification of the property

    A developed land located in Gdynia, ul. Waszyngtona 1, cadastral district Gdynia, Pomeranian Voivodeship, with a total area of approx. 6,2 ha. The area is located within the limits of the sea port in Gdynia. The owner of the property is the State Treasury, whereas its perpetual usufructuary is the Shiprepair Yard Nauta S.A. – SPVs dependent Shipyard Repair NAUTA SA.

  2. Location of the property

    The property under discussion is located in the direct vicinity of the inner Centre of Gdynia. From the north, the area is adjacent to the Maritime Bulk Terminal Gdynia Sp. z o.o. and the Baltic Bulk Terminal, entities providing port services. From the east, where the piers of the Shipyard are, it borders upon the Gdańsk Bay. From the west, it is adjacent to residential and service areas of Śródmieście [Centre] district of Gdynia. From the south, it is located in close vicinity of buildings constituting landmarks of the prestigious and recreational part of Gdynia, including Skwer Kościuszki, office and apartment buildings of Sea Towers, and the Gemini Shopping Centre. A great advantage of the property is its location:

    • Distance from the Tricity Beltway – 5 km
    • Distance from the Central Highway (the main road linking the Tricity) – 1 km
    • Distance from the Centre of Gdynia – 2 km
    • Distance from the Lech Wałęsa Airport in Gdańsk-Rębiechowo – 25 km
    • Distance from the Railway Station – 1 km
    • Public transport – by buses no. 20, 22, 23, 24, 25, 28, 30, 204, 282, 209 to Plac Kaszubski.

    The property is approachable from ul. Waszyngtona and ul. Węglowa. The plans of the City foresee expansion and broadening of ul. Węglowa and expansion of ul. Waszyngtona. In the area of the property, there is two-way traffic on internal roads, mainly hardened ones.

  3. Current use of the area

    Currently, in the area of the Shiprepair Yard Nauta S.A., typical activities connected with maritime and shipbuilding industry are conducted, both by the Shiprepair Yard Nauta S.A. and related Companies or entities performing works for the purposes of the shipyard. At the end of 2012, Nauta has moved most of its production facilities on land previously belonging to Gdynia Shipyard.

  4. Existing facilities

    Currently, in the area under discussion, there are several dozen storage, workshop, manufacturing and office objects. Buildings and structures are used for the purposes of the Shiprepair Yard Nauta S.A., its related companies, as well as other entities connected with the shipbuilding industry. The area of the property includes hardened quays and piers in good technical condition, with a total length of approx. 1.301 m; in the Local Spatial Development Plan currently under development, they are intended for areas of maritime tourism.